Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Terms Of Use
Please read this document carefully in order to understand the Terms of Use of the Services of our Platform and how marketing is carried out in the cryptocurrency market.

These Greenery Agency Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Use”) constitute the terms of the relationship between the Greenery Agency Platform and the User during the provision of the Services.
References to the words “we”, “our” or “us” (or similar words within the meaning) mean the Greenery Agency.
References to the words “you”, “you” or “your” (or similar words within the meaning) mean our User.
The Platform provides the User with Services for the implementation of marketing Services.
Use of the Greenery Agency Platform Services is governed by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Greenery Agency provides the User with the Services, which are indicated in the following sections of the Website:

Rules For Work With Greenery Agency Platform
To receive the Services from the Platform, the User communicates with the Platform employees in one of the following ways:
by writing to the email address: info@greenery.agency
using Messengers: Telegram, WhatsApp,

After receiving preliminary information, further communication is carried out by an employee of the Platform.
The User, after communicating with the Platform, selects the types of Services and terms of cooperation.
The Platform provides Services to the User on the basis of the concluded Service Agreement.The Service Agreement defines the terms, conditions and cost of providing the Services.

About Greenery Agency Platform
At Greenery, we offer the best ICO Marketing solutions. ICO means Initial Coin Offering which is an alternative fundraising mechanism for startups to sell their crypto tokens in exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

Having completed more than 500+ projects, we are also happy. We can contribute to the recognition and growth of your project.
You can familiarize yourself with our team using the section of the Website: Team.(Takım linki)
You can read reference about the quality of our work in the section of the Website: References. (Ref link)

Promotion rules
We accept USDC, BUSD, USDT payment methods. Confirm the wallet before paying.
info@greenery.agency or Telegram: @WilliamGreenery or @GreeneryAgency
Greenery Agency has full creative control, discretion, and ownership of all content produced.
Greenery Agency creates our content with ideal SEO and performance in mind. Video titles,
descriptions, and thumbnails are entirely up to our discretion.
Once full payment is received, the estimated time to complete is about 1-10 days.
Our content does not require review or approval before posting.
After the video is posted, the transaction is rendered complete. Greenery Agency reserves the right to remove any content for any reason after its publish date. Any videos that are requested to be taken down, will not be reposted
Do not reveal our content is coming. We should be the first to announce & publish.
No revision will be made after the videos are prepared.

Intellectual Property Statement
All exclusive Intellectual Property rights and their elements, belong exclusively to the Owner.
The User acknowledges and agrees that the Owner owns all intellectual property rights in relation to the Services.
The User is responsible for the legality, reliability, integrity, accuracy and quality of the Personal Data that he provides to the Greenery Agency.
The User grants the Owner a non-exclusive right to use, copy, process and transfer his Personal Data, during the period of using the Services.

Notice Of Updates To Terms Of Use And Privacy Policy
The Greenery Agency Platform notifies the User about the update of the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy using e-mail messages or a pop-up window that may be placed on the pages of the Greenery Agency Website.

The Office of Platform Greenery Agency is located in the city of Istanbul, Turkey and the User’s Personal Data can be transferred to the territory of the Turkey.
The Owner is not responsible for the actions of the User that were committed by him as a result of a misunderstanding or misunderstanding of the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.
We are not liable for any consequential, actual or consequential damages, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages or they have arisen due to negligence.

Governing Law
The relationship between the Owner and the User is governed by the laws of Turkey.
All disputes arising from these Terms of Use or arising in connection with the relationship of the parties will be considered in the courts of Turkey and governed by the norms of Turkey.